Everything revolves around experience.

Nowadays we buy products, we consume and we also want to be entertained. The buyer therefore wants more than to just enter the shop and only buy a product. The design and style of the shop are all part of this experience. Integrating a restaurant so that you can enjoy some refreshments, when you visit for an afternoon at the Intratuin garden centre, is a wonderful example.

People are prepared to pay more for an experience or an adventure. The experience has become very important for our economy. It is not just about producing and selling. A store now wants to provide you with an experience and the consumer will want to pay more for it. At the end of the day, it is possible to make the purchase without the experience via the Internet, so you have to distinguish yourself as a retailer. HEMI Shop furnishings know that everything revolves around experiences. We are always thinking ahead and see the furnishing of shops changing to create a world of experiences.

But what exactly is that experience?

An experience is what we see with our senses. Hear, Smell, Feel, Taste and other (unconscious) experiences. An experience is an attraction.”

HEMI thinks about the style and design of the store and searches together with the entrepreneur, to find out what will tempt the consumer, so that they will decide to buy something. We see as many senses as possible being activated when you enter the shop. Check out the possibilities and definitely check out our portfolio.