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What a beautiful product. Auping mattresses have numerous retail stores in The Netherlands, small and large retail stores, provide the customers with a special experience, in the area of sleep. Choosing the correct mattress is of key importance, the Auping sales staff discuss the specific customer requirements, in the peace and tranquility of the store.<h/2>

With that experience in mind, Hemi interiors have translated this into an innovative production line and ensures that the store layout  exudes the character of Auping and also  accentuates the right items within the store. In addition to the mattresses, Auping wanted the stores’ interior to be eye-catching. It is essential that when the customer enters the store the atmosphere has to radiate calm and confidence.

This is where I want to buy my Auping mattress!

Hemi has ensured that there are as many articles on display as possible without the customer losing the general overview of the store. With a cost-effective serial production and innovative production line, Hemi has succeeded in creating a beautiful store together with Auping. We wish Auping lots of success.

Your mattress, made with passion and craftsmanship

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Hemi “Hout and Metal Interieurs: (Wood and Metal interiors) was established in 1968 and specialized in the building and furnishing retail formula’s.

From our home base in Tholen, we have been serving the professional international retail market for years.

With over 250 employees we can deliver a complete package, from design to implementation, for both the food and non-food sectors.

The different disciplines within the business mirrors the integral approach of the projects. Each department contributes it’s individual expertise to each unique project.

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