HEMI and the Dutch Tax Authority signed Bilaterial contract


HEMI and the Dutch Tax Authority recently signed a Bilaterial contract. This contract is based on mutual trust and transparency. With the contract, HEMI declares that it will fulfill its tax obligations in a reliable and transparent manner. The Tax and Customs Administration will monitor this by checking the processes and procedures and therefore has to carry out less in-depth checks. Moreover, changes in tax matters can be discussed in advance with the Tax Authorities, as a result of which HEMI is not confronted with unexpected tax consequences afterwards.

We are proud of the confidence that the tax authorities have in us and that they want to endorse this by means of the contract. The conclusion of the contract fits in perfectly with HEMI’s Vision to not only unburden its customers completely, but also to do this transparently in all parts of our company, including the administration. Prior to the conclusion of the contract, a compliance survey took place in which various HEMI employees were interviewed by the Tax Authorities and the various HEMI processes were reviewed. Now that the contract has been concluded, HEMI will further refine its procedures and processes in a Tax Control Framework in which the fiscal risks and control thereof are described and tested in detail.

According to the Dutch Tax Authority: “Horizontal supervision is the preferred strategy for large companies. We conclude individual contracts with horizontal supervision with large companies. The contracts are based on transparency, understanding and mutual trust. The starting point here is that sufficient attention is paid to tax control within the company (tax control framework). The agreements are recorded in contracts and fall within the frameworks of the legislation and regulations. We also discuss how we supervise the regulations.”

Belastingdienst Convenant Horizontaal Toezicht