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Intratuin in the district of Deventer has a new garden centre.

The behaviour of the consumer is changing, in addition to an increase in online shopping, today’s consumers are constantly looking for an experience, atmosphere and also a beautiful restaurant formula.

Intratuin has developed over the last years, the garden centers have become larger, more modern and have a better atmosphere. In this way, they can respond to the consumers’ wishes. Key concepts are green (as a base) gaining ideas and relaxation. In the stores, the focus is on atmosphere and experience. This modernization and increase in size, is accompanied by broadening the product range with which

Intratuin wants to distinguish itself.

The old location for the Intratuin in Deventer, on the Burgemeester van der Feltzweg in Twello, is relatively small at 5,500m2. The average size for an Intratuin in the Netherlands is approximately 7,500m2. The current location did not have the possibility for expansion, therefore Intratuin Deventer went looking for a new location.

Garden-lovers will be able to visit the newly built Intratuin Deventer from the 1st March, in the Blauwenoord area. The construction of the 10,740 square meter large garden-center has taken little over a year to complete. At the end of 2018, the old site of the Intratuin Deventer, in Twello closed. Whereas the garden center in Twello offered work for around twenty employees, the new location will offer between 50-70 people employment.

Hemi winkelinrichting looks back on a successful project. There are various elements that were thought out, designed and then realized. A wonderful formula using the initiative from the management of Hemi. Hemi sees Intratuin Deventer as a modernized example with the right atmosphere and sustainability. A day out at Intratuin is definitely worth while, you won’t believe your eyes.

We would like to wish, Hendrik Vreeman, the Director, Twan Jongbloet the manager and all the employees at Intratuin Deventer, lots of job satisfaction in their new location.

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The making of  Intratuin Deventer.