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Makro Meeting Place / Network Forum.

Design, development, concept management, production, assembly and service.

Doing business whilst enjoying a good cup of coffee is always a key to success. This is what  Makro anticipated. Makro NL wanted to provide a meeting place for business people to come together and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea!  with a good WIFI connection and an inspirational working environment.

A moment of networking where meetings and events can be held. A place where entrepreneurs  can support and inspire each other.   After the design, Hemi Shop Furnishing was asked to develop and continue to develop this inspirational meeting place / network forum.

This formula of business networking  platform / meeting place,  will be implemented in more Makro branches. Hemi will concentrate on the production, assembly and service of this platform and further develop this.  Our hope and wish is that people can enjoy a good inspiring conversation at the Makro meeting place.

If you would like to talk to us about the possibilities for your retail store /chain, please contact We can design, develop, produce and implement a custom made formula for you.

Because your network can never be big enough

    • Central, easy approachable places in The Netherlands
    • Free Parking places at all facilities
    • Fast, WIFI network
    • Inspirational workplace, thriving business activity
    • Workshops and Events arranged for (Local) Entrepreneurs
    • No rush if you need to get your shopping after your meeting

See here the actual workshops and events at the Makro

Entrepreneurship and networking are inseparable and for the base for success.  Therefore it was obvious to create a meeting place where business people visit that has the facility for networking. Based in the heart, middle of the Makro store, logical right ?!  That is where the largest chance is to meet like-minded people.  With the peace and quiet of the store but in the middle of economic activity. Allow yourself to be inspired by entrepreneurs, that are also looking for business opportunities like you. There is always relevant events that are interesting for you throughout the year.  Everything is focused on helping you become even more successful and as efficient as possible. With the best cup of coffee available !

Hemi “Hout and Metal Interieurs:  (Wood and Metal interiors)  was established in 1968 and specialized in the building and furnishing retail formula’s.

From our home base in Tholen, we have been serving the professional international retail market for years.

With over 200 employees we can deliver a complete package, from design to implementation, for both  the food and non-food sectors.   The different disciplines within the business mirrors the integral approach of the projects.  Each department contributes it’s individual expertise to each unique project.

  • Design and Development
  • Concept Management + Project Management
  • Production and Logistics
  • Assembly and Service

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