Praxis has converted 42 Formido stores into Praxis stores.

This month Praxis has completed the “Formido project”. A total of 42 Formido stores have been converted into Praxis stores. HEMI has worked hard, with the local branches, to accomplish this.
Praxis has a total of 191 branches in The Netherlands. This makes it the largest DIY chain in the sector.

In the last 1.5 years Praxis has grown tremendously. In addition to the conversion of the former Formido stores, they have also made several shop renovations at the ‘Praxis’ locations. The shops are smartly furnished by adjusting the routing and shelving within the stores. This has resulted in 20% more shelf space and that benefits the Praxis assortment. Praxis has also worked on its marketing formula. This new formula resulted in a new look and feel to the store. The launching of a new website with a “Click and Get” option was also part of the new marketing formula.
We thank Praxis for the assignment and look back on a well realised project which has been carried out at a rapid pace.

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