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Who are we?

HEMI “Wood And Metal Interiors” was founded in 1968 and specializes in the development and implementation of retail formulas. Based in Tholen, we have been serving the interior of the international professional Retail market for many years. With more than 200 employees we deliver the total package, from design to realization, for both the food and non-food sector. The various disciplines in our company reflect our integrated project approach. Each division makes an essential contribution to a unique project.

  • Design & Development
  • Formula Management & Project Management
  • Production & Logistics
  • Installation & Service
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Hemi vision

HEMI aims to a position in the top three of the most important Euroleague players in the field of physical store outfitting and maintenance by 2020. Hemi tries to achieve this goal in a way that takes into account the interests of all stakeholders and puts particular emphasis on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The base is a very cost-conscious corporate culture.
HEMI covers the entire operating environment: from creation through completion and shopfitting or turnkey delivery of a store or shopconcept as well as the maintenance of shops and shopinstallations.

We realize our goals by educating our staff to a higher working level through coaching and training, enabling them an even greater positive contribution to the realization of our objectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

HEMI has a partnership with Sjaloom Care. They provide catering, clean our offices and are responsible for the general maintenance as part of a working alliance with HEMI. Dealing responsibly with raw materials and energy is essential for society. HEMI’s sustainability and environmental care is characterized by;

  • The use of FSC-certified wood and ECOBoards.
  • HEMI uses a closed wood-burning stove for its environmental friendliness and its energy recovery. Scrap wood is being burnt and the heat released is used to heat our business premises.
  • Our business premises are equipped with occupancy sensors for the entire lighting control and feature heat recovery integrated into climate control.
  • Steel, glass and paper/cardboard are collected separately for recycling and processed by specialized companies.