Behangafdeling Praxis
Auping Amsterdam inrichting
winkelinrichting Auping Amsterdam
Auping Amsterdam Arena

871eb8f68a30ea074f1743530ea8ac39 Design & Development

Routing, presentation and communication form the basis for every shopfitting concept. HEMI provides the tools for an optimal solution.

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Ontwerp & Ontwikkeling

9c936c37464896f79c794d3dd06b070f Formula- & Project management

Assortment changes follow each other in rapid succession. The formula is being monitored continuously for a uniform look and feel.

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Formulebeheer & Projectmanagement

33ea55db1d8da956f8778551e41ac0c7 Production & Logistics

Our facilities are fully aligned with the vision of the company. This has resulted in a modern equipment fleet, located in a production facility of more than 12,000 m2.

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Productie & Logistiek

09124a0c7b8361e4d2c442be57d26666 Installation & Service

Our own installation teams manage the installation of the interiors throughout Europe. To a significant extent, the final outcome is determined by our technicians.

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Montage & Service