HEMI company profile


HEMI “Wood and metal Interiors” is a specialist when it comes to fitting and designing retail, healthcare and leisure of national and international chains and brand manufacturers. With our clients and our team of engaged and passionate specialists, we develop and deliver interior concepts throughout Europe.

Our ambition is to play a prominent role in the European market. We achieve our goals through an innovative and people oriented culture, with the focus on improving our people, quality and processes. To this end, HEMI has embraced the LEAN philosophy. Our only aim is delivering added value for our costumer.

Since we were founded in 1968 by Mr. J. Koopman we have gone through continuous growth, which has led to a solid organization with a state-of-the-art production facility and a leading role in automation. Since 1982 the 2nd generation of the Koopman family has entered the business (the current CEO) and the 3rd generation also works for the company.

From our location in Tholen we are the cooperative partner that contributes ideas, unburdens and realizes in a responsible and sustainable manner. The different disciplines of our company reflect the integrated approach of projects. Each department adds its own specialist contribution to a unique project.

  • Design & development
  • Formula management & Project management
  • Production & logistics
  • Fitting & service

Vision | HEMI

Transforms the space into an experience, through its interior design.

Believes in a sustainable relationship with its partners, employees and environment.

Masters the entire chain of creation, interior design and maintenance.

Mission | HEMI

Operates at the top of serial and modular interior design of retail, healthcare and leisure.

Develops and delivers, for its partners, the requested quality at the lowest possible price.

Is developing into a European player to be reckoned with.

Routing, presentation and communication are the basis of any interior design concept. HEMI offers the tools for an optimal solution. On the one hand we use standard systems, but we upgrade them with extensive possibilities for producing costumer-specific items. The HEMI designers provide the space for  the development of  a powerful concept. The organization’s goals offer the starting point for the proprganisation. er positioning of the image that is desired.

Translating design into an actual interior design is an essential step towards realization. The demanded sustainability, flexibility and a responsible cost pattern are formed during product development. The application of clever materials give the interior those specific qualities that enhance the appearance you desire. Our technical knowhow guarantees a well-thought-out system that minimizes production- as well as realization costs.


Assortment changes are rapid and ongoing. A constant monitoring of the formula is essential to a unified appearance. HEMI manages the formula by way of a formula book, quietly implementing any possible changes on all the locations. In this manner, budgets and delivering interior parts for renovation and a new design can be meticulously effectuated on a very detailed level.

Renovation is specialist work – we can take the entire construction process from design to realization off your hands. With the guidance of an engineering project manager the process is monitored so the requested opening date can be realized in a responsible manner. Any expected obstacles will be identified at an early stage. Any delays to the process are prevented by solution-oriented measures. As the liaison of both internal and external stakeholders HEMI provides a structured and unified communication for the project.

The production facilities are completely attuned to the company’s vision. This has resulted in a modern machinery compound in in a production hall of over 11.000 m².  CNC-driven machines combined with skilled employees give HEMI the power of efficient serial production. The production workers’ major involvement in the developmental process leads to an unrivaled affinity with the applied production methods.

With a 33.000 m² storage capacity HEMI offers the possibility of stocking entire interiors, so complete locations can be delivered at short notice. We keep the parts for at least 5 to 10 locations for different formula’s in stock. This goes for both the interior design systems as well as costumer-specific parts. An integrated logistic computer system monitors our supply levels and immediately signals whether our supplies are sufficient when giving a quotation.

The interior fitting is fully taken care of by our fitting teams throughout Europe. Our mechanics have a big influence on the final result. Years of experience and a flexible attitude guarantee practical solutions when any unexpected structural anomalies occur. Our eye for detail gives the interior the look  that was intended in the design.

With our service mechanics we can respond quickly and adequately to calamities or maintenance issues. In many cases we can solve the problem on-site immediately.

HEMI stands for:

  • A stable and internationally operating organization with established and long-term relationships;
  • Vast experience with and knowledge of safety requirements and -regulations throughout Europe;
  • No nonsense, one liaison, direct communication on a personal level;
  • Flexible attitude and short turnaround time;
  • A cost-aware corporate culture;
  • Its own wood production with CNC-driven machines.
  • Effective and automated processing of data and flow of goods.
  • Over 50 years of experience.

Risks | The most important financial risks HEMI is subjected to are credit risks, interest risks and currency risks (USD). Throughout the fiscal year we make limited use of financial derivatives to control the financial risks involved with our company activities. Currency risks will be (partially) covered in the future by growing volumes. Our liquid assets are stored in banks with an A or AA Credit Rating. Furthermore, the market risk applies. HEMI is dependent on developments in its customers’ markets (retail, leisure, healthcare). These developments have an influence on our customers’ willingness and ability to invest.

Cyber security | The safety of our data and the continuity of our IT systems is of the utmost importance to HEMI. They are of vital importance to the organization. We constantly monitor  present threats and mitigate the risks coming from those threats, together with our external partner. Keeping our employees up-to-date plays an important part, so they remain alert at all times.

Research & development | We actively offer our employees the opportunity to take courses in their line of work or work-related interests. They are also stimulated to keep their knowledge on materials and techniques as up-to-date as possible to provide our customers with the best possible products and service. Employees go through an extensive internal education program when they start to work at HEMI, in order to get acquainted with every discipline within our organization. In 2020 the Innovation department has started to work even more closely with Account Management and Design & Creation, in order to be able to meet the needs of the customer as fast as possible in the everchanging world of interior design.

Not only production-, but other (internal) processes are also constantly examined to see if a better solution can possibly be reached. We do this by using the LEAN philosophy.

Corporate social responsibility |Corporate social responsibility is an important theme for HEMI. The responsible use of resources, energy and people is of vital interest to our society. Sustainability, environmental care and social entrepreneurship are expressed by the following:

  • HEMI has a partnership with Sjaloom Zorg, a local care facility. Our catering is partly done through social work.
  • In our company we offer jobs for various people with distance to the labor market (both young and old).
  • We use certified FSC wood and ECO boards for a major part of our products.
  • When it comes to environmental care and energy renewal HEMI has a closed wood burning oven. Wood remains are burned and the warmth that is released is used to heat our building.
  • In 2020 we acquired 4000 solar panels to produce sustainable energy, largely causing HEMI to self-sufficiently provide its own energy.
  • Our building is equipped with motion sensors for the totality of its lighting, which consists of energy efficient LED lights and has climate control units equipped with heat recovery.
  • Steel, glass and paper/cardboard is collected separately and processed by specialized companies, for recycling purposes.

Corporate social responsibility also plays an important role in the choice of partners we work with:

  • Our banks actively work with policies towards sustainability.
  • Our telecom provider supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals with four different programs.
  • Our pension insurance company A.S.R. wants to play a prominent role when it comes to corporate social responsibility in its own field and has sustainability as one of its core values.