Samenwerking sinds 1999

Partnership since 1999.
Just like PRAXIS, we think creation is an extraordinary act. That is how we feel about creating their stores since 1999. Creating something, together with PRAXIS’ beautiful team still gives us a feeling of huge satisfaction.

Helping people create: Praxis has been doing that since 1987. Praxis opened its first store that year and since then the organisation has grown into one of the biggest and most well-known do-it-yourself chains in the Netherlands. Praxis responds to the wishes of all creators, the experienced as well as the beginning DIY enthusiast, with the best product range. Millions of customers can choose from over 60.000 items at Praxis stores. Praxis has over 4.300 employees who mainly work at the 193 stores.

Praxis City has 350m² stores.
Hemi has developed over 17.000 items for Praxis.
Hemi has delivered over 1.300.000 folding hooks to Praxis.

for the creators.