Clear and organized

ZEEMAN as a brand has gone through a development lately and that is now reflected by the stores as well. The existing customers still have to feel at home, but ZEEMAN also wants to be of better service to new customers. By doing so, they maintain their low price positioning and like to keep things “SIMPLE”.

The first striking things are the clear, yet warm lighting and the white furniture. It gives the store a clear and organized look. Yellow accents set the tone; the colour red is disappearing from all store communication – unless it is meant for offers and promotions. Those are rare at Zeeman, however, as it has a strategy of low pricing every day.


At HEMI we are proud of this result, which was achieved from design to realization in cooperation with Zeeman, continuing a relationship that goes back years.

Did you know:

On the 16th of march 1967 Jan Zeeman opens his first Zeeman store.
ZEEMAN heeft 1300 winkel in 7 landen